Summer Camps

We have camps available throughout the summer that accommodate ages ranging from kindergarten through high school.  Each camp is designed to provide an opportunity for kids to experience who Jesus is and to be influenced by Him toward making a life-changing decision.


PVCC 2018 Summer Sessions


June 3-8                   High School Camp                      GR. 9-12         $230/$275

June 10-15                Middle School Camp                   GR. 7-8          $230/$275

June 23                    Day Camp                                    GR. K-1            $25/$40

June 24-28              Junior Camp                                GR. 5-6           $180/$220

June 29-30              1st Timer’s                                    GR. 1-2            $45/$55

July 5-7                    Kid’s Camp                                   GR 3-4            $90/$110

July 15-20                Summit                                         GR 7-12           $230/$275



-Bible & Writing Utensil

-Sleeping bag or twin bedding, pillow, & blanket. (Dorms are air-conditioned)

-Toiletries, towels & washcloths for shower

-Modest swimwear (girls: no bare midriffs), cover-up, sunscreen, & towel for swimming

-Clothes that can get dirty

-Plastic bag for dirty laundry

-Shoes other than flip-flops for recreation (Flip-Flops expose campers to avoidable injuries to feet and toes)

-Flashlight. Insect repellent.

-Money for Missions, canteen & souvenirs.

-Prescription Meds in original container, with readable current doctor's instructions



-Distractions such as cell phones, other electronics, etc.

-Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances

-Immodest clothing

-Guns (including airsoft/paintball) knives or fireworks

-Silly string or other items for pranks